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Recent Additions/Updates

26 Sep 2019
Eastwood email contact updated.

5 Sep 2019
September Ladies Meeting added

19 Aug 2019
Stedman Triples training change of location.
Nottingham District outing details available.

14 Jul 2019
Newark District July Meeting cancelled
100 Club Draw Results available

9 Jul 2019
Nottingham District August meeting change of date and venue.

8 Jul 2019
July Ladies Meeting added - note Evening.
Hawton now 8 (Dove update)

6 Jul 2019
South Notts District September Meeting change of venue and date.

27 Jun 2019
Revised version of Bell Fund Grant Application advice document available.

23 Jun 2019
Bingham District July meeting change of venue.

17 Jun 2019
June South Notts meeting information added.

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Tower Bells District Weight Practice
Arnold, S Mary8 Nottm8-2-9Thu
Aspley, S Margaret8 Nottm9-1-15Mon
Attenborough, S Mary V8 Nottm11-0-21Fri
Averham, S Michael & All Angels6 Newark12-1-1Mon
Babworth, All Saints6 N Notts7-1-4Sat
Balderton, S Giles8 Newark8-0-26Mon
Barnby in the Willows, All Saints6 Newark6-1-7Tue
Barton in Fabis, S George6 S Notts11-0-21-
Basford, S Leodegarius8 Nottm14-3-0-
Bawtry, S Nicholas6 N Notts14-0-14Tue
Beckingham, All Saints3 N Notts9-2-0Mon
Beeston, S John Bapt10 Nottm17-1-14Wed
Bingham, S Mary & All Saints8 Bingham14-3-27Fri
Blidworth, S Mary of the Purification6 Mansfield4-0-26Thu
Blyth, SS Mary & Martin6 N Notts12-3-19-
Bole, S Martin3 N Notts5½ cwt (U/R)-
Bramcote, S Michael & All Angels6 Nottm5-1-14Fri
Bulwell, S Mary V & All Souls8 Nottm15-3-16Wed
Bunny, S Mary V6 S Notts14-1-22Tue
Calverton, S Wilfrid6 Bingham8-1-4Tue
Car Colston, S Mary4 Bingham8 cwt (U/R)-
Carlton in Lindrick, S John Ev3 N Notts9½ cwt (U/R)-
Caunton, S Andrew6 Newark7-3-9Thu
Clarborough, S John Bapt8 N Notts9-1-16Thu
Clayworth, S Peter8 N Notts8-1-15Tue
Clifton, Holy Trinity with St Francis8 S Notts3-1-18Thu
Clifton, S Mary V8 S Notts8-0-8Thu
Clifton, Corpus Christi6 S Notts2-2-11Thu
Coddington, All Saints6 Newark7-0-12Fri
Colston Bassett, S John Div8 Bingham22-1-4-
Cotgrave, All Saints8 Bingham17-0-18Fri
Cromwell, S Giles3 Newark7 cwt (U/R)-
Cropwell Bishop, S Giles6 Bingham10-3-24Thu
Cuckney, S Mary6 Mansfield10-1-18-
Darlton, S Giles3 N Notts5½ cwt (U/R)-
Daybrook, S Paul8 Nottm9-2-3Fri
Dunham on Trent, S Oswald6 N Notts7-1-7-
Eakring, S Andrew5 Newark7-0-26Mon
East Bridgford, S Peter8 Bingham11-2-1Mon
East Drayton, S Peter6 N Notts12-2-22Tue
East Leake, S Mary6 S Notts7-3-6Fri
East Markham, S John Bapt8 N Notts9-3-17Tue
East Retford, S Swithun10 N Notts23-0-7Thu
East Stoke, S Oswald4 Newark9-2-14-
Eastwood, S Mary8 Mansfield19-0-21Fri
Edwalton, Holy Rood6 S Notts5-1-1Wed
Edwinstowe, S Mary6 Mansfield6-1-12Fri
Egmanton, Our Lady of Egmanton3 N Notts8-0-5-
Elkesley, S Giles3 N Notts6 cwt (U/R)-
Elston, All Saints6 Newark9-0-20-
Everton, Holy Trinity6 N Notts10-1-21Wed
Farndon, S Peter6 Newark9-0-18Wed
Farnsfield, S Michael6 Mansfield11 cwtFri
Gamston, S Peter6 N Notts8-1-18-
Gedling, All Hallows8 Bingham10-1-11Wed
Gonalston, S Laurence4 Bingham3-3-18-
Gotham, S Lawrence5 S Notts7-0-5-
Granby, All Saints6 Bingham13-1-22Thu
Greasley, S Mary8 Mansfield13-1-7Wed
Gringley on the Hill, SS Peter & Paul6 N Notts14-3-20-
Grove, S Helen4 N Notts5-0-0 (U/R)-
Harby, All Saints6 Newark6-2-18Mon
Harworth, All Saints6 N Notts9-2-10Mon
Hawksworth, S Mary & All Saints3 Bingham10-2-0 (U/R)-
Hawton, All Saints8 Newark14-0-2 (U/R)-
Hickling, S Luke8 Bingham10-1-22Thu
Holme Pierrepont, S Edmund K&M6 Bingham11-1-14Thu
Hucknall Torkard, S Mary Magd8 Mansfield12-2-16Thu
Kelham, S Wilfrid4 Newark7½ cwt-
Keyworth, S Mary Magd6 S Notts6-2-23Mon
Kingston on Soar, S Winifred6 S Notts9-3-24-
Kinoulton, S Luke6 Bingham1-2-10-
Kirkby in Ashfield, S Wilfrid8 Mansfield8-3-3Tue
Kirklington, S Swithin3 Mansfield5½ cwt (U/R)-
Kneesall, S Bartholomew3 Newark10-1-2-
Kneeton, S Helen4 Bingham6-0-1-
Laneham, S Peter4 N Notts10-3-4-
Langar, S Andrew5 Bingham12-3-1Thu
Laxton, S Michael6 N Notts12-2-10-
Lenton, Sacred & Undivided Trinity8 Nottm8-0-2-
Linby, S Michael6 Mansfield5-3-16Wed
Lowdham, S Mary V6 Bingham9-0-14Thu
Mansfield, SS Peter & Paul8 Mansfield16-0-11Thu
Mansfield Woodhouse, S Edmund K&M6 Mansfield17-2-20-
Maplebeck, S Radegund4 Newark4-1-7-
Mattersey, All Saints5 N Notts6-2-14Tue
Misson, S John Bapt6 N Notts12-0-22Thu
Misterton, All Saints3 N Notts11-3-17-
Newark upon Trent, S Mary Magd10 Newark31-1-11Wed
Normanton on Soar, S James4 S Notts8-1-3-
Normanton on Trent, S Matthew3 N Notts6 cwt (U/R)-
North Clifton, S George3 N Notts7½ cwt (U/R)-
North Collingham, All Saints6 Newark9-3-4Wed
North Leverton, S Martin3 N Notts6 cwt (U/R)-
North Muskham, S Wilfrid6 Newark12-3-13-
North Wheatley, SS Peter & Paul6 N Notts8-0-18-
Norwell, S Laurence6 Newark9-2-5Thu
Nottingham, All Saints10 Nottm16-1-3Tue
Nottingham, S Mary V12 Nottm35-2-23Mon
Nottingham, S Peter13 inc 2#Nottm22-2-5Thu
Nuthall, S Patrick8 Nottm7-0-8Tue
Ordsall, All Hallows6 N Notts6-2-22Mon
Orston, S Mary6 Bingham9-1-18Wed
Ossington, Holy Rood6 Newark6-0-17-
Oxton, SS Peter & Paul6 Bingham6-3-16Mon
Papplewick, S James5 Mansfield6-1-12Wed
Plumtree, S Mary8 Bingham16-3-12Mon
Radcliffe on Trent, S Mary8 Bingham14-2-5Tue
Rampton, All Saints6 N Notts9-1-8-
Rempstone, All Saints6 S Notts6-1-26Wed
Rolleston, Holy Trinity6 Newark13-3-24Wed
Ruddington, S Peter8 S Notts9-1-24Thu
Saundby, S Martin of Tours5 N Notts5-1-25-
Scarrington, S John of Beverley6 Bingham8-0-24-
Scofton, S John Ev8 N Notts3-2-25-
Screveton, S Wilfrid3 Bingham10 cwt (U/R)-
Scrooby, S Wilfrid3 N Notts4½ cwt (U/R)-
Selston, S Helen8 Mansfield12-2-0Tue
Shelford, SS Peter & Paul6 Bingham15-0-10-
Shireoaks, S Luke6 N Notts8-0-6 (U/R)-
Sibthorpe, S Peter4 Newark9-0-19-
Skegby, S Andrew3 Mansfield4-2-24 (U/R)-
South Collingham, S John Bapt5 Newark6-3-10-
South Leverton, All Saints3 N Notts10½ cwt (U/R)-
South Muskham, S Wilfrid3 Newark9-3-21-
South Scarle, S Helena5 Newark9-2-8Thu
Southwell, Cath & Collegiate Ch of BVM13 inc 6bNewark25-1-3Tue
Stanford on Soar, S John Bapt8 S Notts15-3-18-
Stapleford, S Helen6 Nottm7-1-7Mon
Staunton in the Vale, S Mary5 Newark7-0-1-
Sturton le Steeple, SS Peter & Paul6 N Notts10-3-6-
Sutton Bonington, S Michael6 S Notts17-3-13-
Sutton cum Lound, S Bartholomew8 N Notts9-2-14Wed
Sutton in Ashfield, S Mary Magd8 Mansfield15-1-18Tue
Sutton on Trent, All Saints8 Newark12-1-11Wed
Teversal, S Katherine5 Mansfield9 cwt-
Thoroton, S Helena6 Bingham9-2-17Thu
Thrumpton, All Saints6 S Notts6-1-5Wed
Thurgarton, S Peter6 Bingham7-2-9-
Tollerton, S Peter3 S Notts5-1-23 (U/R)-
Treswell, S John Bapt3 N Notts7½ cwt (U/R)-
Trowell, S Helen6 Nottm9-1-0Mon
Tuxford, S Nicholas8 N Notts11-2-15-
Upper Broughton, S Luke5 S Notts6-1-23-
Upton, SS Peter & Paul6 Newark7-3-12Wed
Walesby, S Edmund3 N Notts5-2-6-
Walkeringham, S Mary Magd3 N Notts12-2-2-
Warsop, SS Peter & Paul8 Mansfield14-2-24-
Wellow, S Swithin6 Newark6-2-5Thu
West Bridgford, S Giles8 Nottm9-1-16Wed
West Retford, S Michael Archangel6 N Notts9-0-6-
Weston, All Saints3 N Notts10-0-9 (U/R)-
Whatton in the Vale, S John of Beverley8 Bingham13-0-24-
Wilford, S Wilfrid5 S Notts7-0-18-
Willoughby on the Wolds, S Mary & All Saints6 Bingham6-0-1Wed
Winthorpe, All Saints6 Newark6-3-2Fri
Wollaton, S Leonard6 Nottm5-2-6Thu
Woodborough, S Swithun6 Bingham9-0-2Thu
Worksop, Priory Ch of SS Mary & Cuthbert8 N Notts12-2-15Tue
Worksop, S Anne10 N Notts15-1-8Tue