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Recent Additions/Updates

7 Dec 2018
Everton tower contact updated

4 Dec 2018
December Ladies Meeting added.

28 Nov 2018
November 100 Club results posted.

14 Nov 2018
Calendars now available

31 Oct 2018
Nov 17: Guild Meeting information added; Newark District meeting cancelled for Guild Meeting
December Weekday meeting details added.

23 Oct 2018
December Daytime ringing date and provisional venues provided

8 Oct 2018
October Ladies' meeting details available

23 Sep 2018
Daytime ringing October added
Hawton to become 8 (Dove)

29 Aug 2018
Orston ringing suspended (pp Dove)
Ladies' meeting added for Sept - Nov, details available for Sept.

20 Aug 2018
Newark District Secretary updated.
Nottingham District Outing information added.

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Work recently completed

Bunny (6)

A rope guide has been installed, partly funded by a grant from the Bell Fund.

Cuckney (6)

Following an adverse report from visiting ringers a team of Guild insured labour embarked on the removal of bird debris from the tower. It was so bad that it is a wonder that some of the bells had room to move. The louvres have been repaired and netted to keep birds out and four second hand ropes have been provided to replace the worst ones.

Gedling (8)

Several wheels, pulleys, and clappers have been refurbished and a grant was awarded from the Bell Fund towards the costs. Again the cost was reduced by the provision of Guild insured labour.

Hockerton (3)

This church has now been sold. A team of Guild insured labour removed the three bells for possible re-use within the diocese. They are currently being stored at Taylors. Sadly one of them was found to be cracked due to rusting of a cast in staple.

Kelham (3, now 4)

The existing frame has been strengthened and another bell added to an existing (empty) pit. A grant has been paid towards the cost of this project, which was considerably reduced by the provision of Guild insured labour. There is a possibility of further augmentation.

Tuxford (8)

An inspection was carried out by the Guild to see if any of the clappers needed re-bushing. It turned out that some of the clappers were loose. Once these had been tightened and a few missing bolts replaced the ring was declared to be in good condition.

Redundant Churches

Concern has been expressed to the Diocese about the bells in Darlton (3), Durham on Trent (6), and  Gamston (6). Hockerton (3) has now been sold.  The two mediaeval bells from Flawborough have been relocated in the Taylor Bellfoundry Museum.