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Recent Additions/Updates

7 Dec 2018
Everton tower contact updated

4 Dec 2018
December Ladies Meeting added.

28 Nov 2018
November 100 Club results posted.

14 Nov 2018
Calendars now available

31 Oct 2018
Nov 17: Guild Meeting information added; Newark District meeting cancelled for Guild Meeting
December Weekday meeting details added.

23 Oct 2018
December Daytime ringing date and provisional venues provided

8 Oct 2018
October Ladies' meeting details available

23 Sep 2018
Daytime ringing October added
Hawton to become 8 (Dove)

29 Aug 2018
Orston ringing suspended (pp Dove)
Ladies' meeting added for Sept - Nov, details available for Sept.

20 Aug 2018
Newark District Secretary updated.
Nottingham District Outing information added.

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Members of the Guild can be insured when working in a tower by applying to the Bell Fund Committee for cover. To qualify the work must be supervised by either a member of the Bell Fund Committee, or a reputable bell hanging firm. This cover is limited to 3 persons at any one time irrespective of where they are working.

Please note that the cover is not automatic, and should not be assumed unless agreement has been received. The document given here can be attached to an email and sent to who collates the cover. Cover can then be arranged, and notification will be sent back.

 If no notification is received DO NOT ASSUME YOU ARE COVERED.

Insurance Form

If you have any queries please contact the for clarification.