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26 Sep 2019
Eastwood email contact updated.

5 Sep 2019
September Ladies Meeting added

19 Aug 2019
Stedman Triples training change of location.
Nottingham District outing details available.

14 Jul 2019
Newark District July Meeting cancelled
100 Club Draw Results available

9 Jul 2019
Nottingham District August meeting change of date and venue.

8 Jul 2019
July Ladies Meeting added - note Evening.
Hawton now 8 (Dove update)

6 Jul 2019
South Notts District September Meeting change of venue and date.

27 Jun 2019
Revised version of Bell Fund Grant Application advice document available.

23 Jun 2019
Bingham District July meeting change of venue.

17 Jun 2019
June South Notts meeting information added.

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Southwell and Nottingham Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers Bell Fund

Charity Number 259703

Governing Document

  1. The fund shall be known as Southwell and Nottingham Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers Bell Fund 1 (the ‘Fund’) and shall be registered as a charity.
  2. The objectives of the fund shall be to assist the Church within the Southwell and Nottingham Diocese (the 'Diocese') by:
    The restoration and augmentation of existing bells
    The preservation of bells and fittings from redundant churches
    The provision of new rings of bells
  3. The Fund may take any reasonable action for the furtherance of its objects, including the acquisition, removal and storage of bells, fittings and frames.
  4. Resident and Honorary Life Members for the time being of the Southwell and Nottingham Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers (the ‘Guild’) shall be Members of the Fund ('Members').
  5. a. The Fund shall be administered by a committee of three who shall be the Trustees of the Fund, two of whom shall form a quorum. The Trustees of the Guild and the Guild Chairman shall normally be the Trustees of the Fund unless the Guild decides otherwise.
    b. The Trustees will normally invite the Guild Bell Repair Committee Secretary to serve as Honorary Secretary to assist them in the administration of the fund. The Trustees shall take advice on projects presented for their consideration from the Guild Bell Repair Committee. Such advice will not be binding on the Trustees. The Trustees shall elect a chairman who will preside over Trustee meetings.
    c. The Trustees will normally invite the Honorary Treasurer of the Guild (the ‘Treasurer’) to administer the finances of the Fund .
    d. Applications for grants shall normally be made to the Trustees through the Honorary Secretary who will notify the applicant of the Trustees’ decision. No grant shall be paid until the work has been completed. If the work is not completed within two years of the grant being approved, a fresh application will be required.
  6. a. Such bank accounts as may be required shall be opened in the name of the Fund. All withdrawals from the Fund must be authorised by two of the Trustees.
    b. Any monies not required for the immediate purposes of the Fund shall be invested to the benefit of the Fund in any manner the Trustees may think fit. Any investments must be made in the names of all the Trustees.
    c. The Fund shall have the power to raise funds by any means it sees fit, so long as permanent trading is not engaged in.
    d. The Trustees shall have the power to dispose of bells, fittings or frames if attempts at rehousing have proved unsuccessful, provided any proceeds from disposal are invested in the Fund
    e. The Trustees shall effect such insurance as they from time to time shall deem appropriate.
    f. No grant to any Church outside the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham may be made, without the approval of the Annual Meeting of the Fund.
  7. a. There shall be an annual meeting of Members ('Annual Meeting') which shall be held at the annual meeting of the Guild and the Guild Chairman shall normally be invited to chair the meeting. In the event of a conflict of interest the Guild will elect a Chair by simple majority on the day. The Annual Meeting shall be held on the same day and in the same place as the annual meeting of the Guild.
    b. A Fund Special General Meeting may be called by either the Trustees, or be requested in writing to the Secretary by at least 20 Members.
  8. a. The Treasurer shall prepare a balance sheet as at December 31st in each year and an income and expenditure account for the year ending on that date. The accounts shall be examined by the independent examiners of the Guild, and presented to the Members at the next annual meeting.
    b. The Honorary Secretary will prepare a report to the Trustees on the Fund's activity for the year covered by the Treasurer's report.
    c. Both the Treasurer's and the Honorary Secretary's reports shall be published in the Guild report for the appropriate year.
  9. No alteration or addition shall be made to these rules, except at the Fund Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting. Notices of such alterations and the date and place of the Fund meeting at which they are to be proposed shall be published in the printed version of 'The Ringing World’, at least one calendar month before the meeting date and the text of such alterations to be published on the Guild website. Alterations to the rules shall require a two thirds majority of those Members present and eligible to vote.
  10. Dissolution of the Fund. A decision to dissolve the Fund may be taken only at a general meeting of the members. The net assets of the Fund shall then be disposed of either to:
    a. Any successor, charitable body or bodies with similar objects, covering all or part of the same geographical area.
    b. Failing that, to such charitable Bell Funds as the members may select.
  11. No alteration shall be made to these rules which shall have the effect of the Fund ceasing to be a charity