On Saturday 8th May 2010 Nottingham District finally achieved an ambition first proposed by Jim Crabtree in 1995 to hold a “Learner’s Crawford Cup” following a skirmish with a version of the North Nottingham District Teapot Trophy competition held in 1970.  The District Committee had been looking for ways to involve more learners and decided to hold a meeting with a different format to normal.  Rather than a rigid rule based striking contest, informal performances were encouraged and whist not ringing, participants were being the judges! Everyone attending had a vote to select the team they enjoyed listening to the most.  Alistair Smith, Emma Chapman and Alan Robinson decided on a format for the competition, advertised it and generally made things happen. 

On the day of the competition at St Margaret’s Aspley 19 people rang in various combinations making up teams as follows:

St Margaret Aspley - Ben King, Rich Westman, Patricia Walton, McJoy Nichoma, Ian Martin, Alan Robinson.
NUSCR and Nuthall
– Rachel Doar, Richard Hartwell, Chris Jones, Bekky Kennedy, Richard Doar, Sam Napper.
Christine’s Team – Ben King, McJoy Nichoma, Mike Suttill, Christopher Guy, Christine Langton, Alan Robinson.
6 Bell Legends – Rachel Doar, Bekky Kennedy, Ian Martin, Chris Jones, Sam Napper, Rich Westman.
Bulwell and Friends – Richard Doar, Emma Chapman, Robert Naylor, Peter Hawcock, Christopher Guy, Mike Suttill.

Mainly rounds and call changes and plain hunt on 5 or 6 were rung and the results were as follows:

1st     Christine’s Team

2nd     St Margaret Aspley

3rd     NUSCR and Nuthall

4th=    6 Bell Legends & Bulwell and Friends.

 Thanks go to Alistair, Emma and Alan for organising the event and St Margaret Aspley for hosting the event, making the bells available and for providing tea and coffee and a special thank you to all who brought biscuits, cakes etc.- delicious!

 We hope that the “competition” will become a regular fixture on our annual ringing calendar and will be encouraging more people to get involved next year.


The Winners:

(l-r: Christopher Guy, Alan Robinson, Christine Langton, McJoy Nichoma, Mike Suttill, Ben King)